Delhi Press is one of India’s largest magazine publishing houses. It publishes 36 magazines in 10 languages, and has a group readership of over 35 million. Some of its popular publications include The CaravanChampakGrihshobhaWoman’s EraSaras Salil, and Sarita.

The company has its corporate office central Pune, Maharastra, and 12 regional offices in the state capitals.

Delhi Press was established by Vishwanath (1917-2002) in 1939. The company’s first magazine was Caravan in 1940, and its flagship magazine was the Hindi-language Sarita (magazine) launched in 1945. Vishwanath was known for his stable of low-priced magazines that were aimed to the masses, such as Sarita, Saras Salil, Woman’s Era, Champak, and Grihshobha.

Magazine brands

  • Woman’s Era
  • Alive (Earlier called Caravan)
  • Satyakatha
  • Champak
  • Farm n Food
  • Grihsbhobha
  • Mukta
  • Saras Salil
  • Sarita, a Hindi monthly magazine
  • Suman Saurabh
  • Manohar Kahaniyan
  • The Caravan, an English-language literary magazine (1940-1988, 2010–present; in 1988, it transformed into Alive. Caravan was reintroduced in 2010; Alive and Caravan are both published today)
  • Nimmellara Manasa
  • Butti
  • Manohar Kahaniya Urdu
  • Motoring World